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This page is reserved for examples of great projects you can do with your materials. 

I will be having monthly crafting contests with the winner receiving more crafting items!! YIPPEE! 





Making Ornaments with Primary Elements!

Make Gorgeous Ornaments with Primary Elements


  • Clear glass ornaments, any shape or size
  • Primary Elements "Polished Pigments"
  • Primary Elements "Simple Solution #1" ***
  • Mica Pigments: Gold, Copper and Bronze
  • Paper Towels Newspaper for covering your work surface
  • Mini Spoons
  • Glitter

Step #1

Pour about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Simple Solution #1 into a clear glass ornament. Rotate your ornament until the inside of your glass ornament is completely covered with Simple Solution #1

Let excess Simple Solution drain back into bottle.

Tip: Allow Simple Solution to get semi tacky, approximately 1 - 2 minutes.

Allowing Simple Solution sit in ornament one minute or less, your colors will "run". Allowing Simple Solution sit two minutes, the Simple Solution will be tackier and colors will be more stable where they are dropped.

Step #2

Choose 2 - 4 colors of Primary Elements Polished Pigments. Begin by picking up a small amount of your 1st color, using one of the mini scoops provided with kit, and drop color a few grains at a time into your ornament. Swirl, or very gently, tap ornament. Remember, the Primary Elements Polished Pigments colors are very concentrated and a little bit goes a long way.

TIP: Adding a touch glitter give a wonderful sparkle. Make sure to add glitter on an area that has only been covered with Simple Solution.

Step #3

Add your second color and swirl, or very gently, tap ornament to begin to blend colors.

This is a good time to make sure your mica pigment colors, gold, copper or bronze are readily available.

TIP: Mini scoops, provided in kit, will help control where you would like your colors and glitter.

Step #4

Add your third color and swirl, or very gently, tap ornament to begin to blend colors. Add a fourth color if you like. It is up to you to choose how many colors you would like to blend.

TIP: If you find the colors are not moving to your liking, try adding a few drops of Simple Solution

Step #5

Now finish off your ornament with a complimentary color of Primary Elements Polished Pigments. Drop in a a couple of good size scoops and vigorously shake your ornament. This will fill in any empty areas that the other colors have not filled. This will also soak up any excess Simple Solution and your ornament will be dry in a few minutes. You will know the interior or your ornament is dry with excess mica pours out.

Replace the top of your ornament. I used silver and gold ribbon so I could hang my ornaments.

TIP: Bronze and coppers compliments greens. Gold is gorgeous with reds, pinks, purples and blues.



*** Simple Solution #1 has been discontinued.  A good substitute is Elmer's Glue.  Use 80% glue and add 20% water


Video  1

Video 2

Video 3



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