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This page is reserved for examples of great projects you can do with your materials. 

I will be having monthly crafting contests with the winner receiving more crafting items!! YIPPEE! 





Table of Contents, Book I

4 Equipment
7 Character Charts
10 Petal Arranging and Alternatives for Stamens
11 Hints and Value
12 The Crimson Rose (Front Cover)
14 A Gift Box with Blooms (back cover)
16 Corsage and Bows
17-19 In Color: Corsage and Bows, Hydrangea, Bottlebrush, Bells and Bouquet
20-22 With Love: Instructions and Color Plate
22 Leaf Chart
23 Hydrangea
24 Bottlebrush
26 Page Bells and Bouquet
28 Wedding Bells: Instructions and Color Plate
30-31 Flowers No. 1 to No. 21 in full color
31-33 Spring Blossoms: Instructions and Color Plate
34 Flowers No. 1 and No. 2
35 Flowers No. 3 and No. 4
36 Flowers No. 5 and No. 6
37 Flowers No. 7 and No. 8
38 Flowers No. 9 and No. 10
39 Flowers No. 11 and No. 12
40 Flower No. 13
41 Flower No. 14
42 Flower No. 15: Roses
43 Flower No. 16
44 Flower No. 17
45 Flower No. 18: Lily of the Valley
46 Flower No. 19
47 Flower No. 20: Begonia
48 Flower No. 21
Punches Featured in Floral Punch Craft Book I

(The Punch Bunch)

Circle Flower Maple Leaf
Balloon Heart Maple Leaf Oak Leaf Shamrock Snowflake Star
Bow Flower Heart Snowflake Star Tree

Balloon Bell Birch Leaf Bow Heart
Holly Maple Leaf Oak Leaf Sun Tree
Flower #1        
Corner Lacing      
#109 #116
Corner Decoration


Book I Image Samples (click to enlarge)


Floral Ensemble


"Small Balloon and Heart Punches"

Below is a sample of part of a design in Book One. As you can see, the book guides you, step by step, through the entire construction process. The book lists the punches required, guides you through shape making, putting the flowers together right through to the completed project.

(1) Small Balloon punch X 6 = 1 flower with 6 petals. The base of each balloon is the base of each petal.

(2) Give the 6 balloon shapes "half moon character" on the molding pad with the small end of the white tool. Turn the tool's half round shape onto its side. Stroke firmly across the width of each petal.

(3) Punch 1 extra balloon shape in the same color as above. Cut off the base to form a round flat piece of paper.

(4) Glue the base of each shaped petal to the round flat paper from Step 3. Start at 12 o'clock and go clockwise. The petals will overlap. The base of each will touch. Stop before last petal.


(5) The last petal has a small cut near the base on the right hand side. This cut allows it to slip in behind the 12 o'clock petal.

.../continued on page 37 of Book One.




Right Column Box




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