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About Us

When I was a child, my FAVORITE Aunt Ruthie would delight me every year with some sort of crafting gift.  Looms, sewing, knitting, clay, you name it, every year was a delight.  I wasn't very "artistic" but I sure had fun! 

When I went to school, I took several years of "home making" (giving away my age) and then proceeded to sew on my own.  I would make something to wear the next day!  And when I became a Mom, I made most of my son's clothing.  I remember when I made PLAID sports jackets for Dad & Son (I learned to swear doing that)! but it was all done with love.

Whether you are sewing from scratch, or embellishing ready-made clothing, you can always make something special.  There is nothing like getting a compliment, and being able to respond "I made it" to give you  something to really smile about!!  If you're new to sewing, never give up, it just takes time, and a little practice.  We all have "duds" now and then...I'll never forget the corduroy jumper I made, being so careful to cut the nap all the same way.  When I finished, I had two left fronts, and two right backs!!  OOOPS  

 By the large variety of crafting items I carry, you can get an idea of the fun you can have.  Pick out a craft, get an idea, and create!  It's always "right" and is always FUN!




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It's going to be an exciting year! More items coming in every day. 

If you don't see what you wish, be sure to ask, I am glad to special order items for you (and maybe carry them) just because YOU ASKED!   

My  warmest welcome to my customers....I'm so glad you stopped by.  Be sure to grab a cookie as you shop....mine have no calories!  :)

Would you like to open a web store?  Don't get stuck with a solution that controls you.  Ask and I'll direct you to an easy, fun and reasonable solution!




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