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This page is reserved for examples of great projects you can do with your materials. 

I will be having monthly crafting contests with the winner receiving more crafting items!! YIPPEE! 




Floral Punch Book V

Table of Contents, Book V

Front Cover Lilium regale
Inside Front Cover Cake Decorating
4-7 Character Charts
8 Punch Sizes and Information
9-10 Equipment
11 Lilium regale Instructions
12 Versatility
13 Versatility continued and Fairies
14-15 Cake Decorating Instructions
16 Lilacs Instructions
17 Lilacs Color Plate
18 A Silver Lining Color Plate
18 A Basket of Violets
19 Iris Color Plate
20 Flowering Cherry Plum Color Plate
21 Flowering Cherry Plum Instructions
22 Flowering Cherry Plum continued and Leone Em Stamps
23 Horseshoe Punch and Patterns
24 A Silver Lining and Tracing Instructions
25 A Basket of Violets
26-27 Iris Instructions
28 Broderie Anglaise Instructions
29 Broderie Anglaise Color Plate
30 Misty Blooms, Hearts of Love and Daisies Color Plate
31 Senecia cineraris Color Plate
31 The Bells of Christmas in Parchment Color Plate
31 Sprigs of Spring in Parchment Color Plate
32 Lilacs and Blossom with Layout Color Plate
32 A Staircase of Daphne with Layout Color Plate
32 A Home for Violets with Layout Color Plate
33 Flowers, their names and where to find them
34-35 Violets (flat) Instructions and Full Size Layout
36-37 Lilacs (flat) Instructions and Full Size Layout
38-39 Daphne (flat) Instructions and Full Size Layout
40 Paper Embossing and Templates, Daisies
41 Hearts of Love, Paper Embossing
41 Hints
42-43 Senecia cineraria
44 Misty Blooms, Stenciling and Mermaid
45 Butterflies, Bows and Birds. Heat Embossing
46-47 Graphics for Various designs
48 Daphne Instructions
Inside Back Cover Step by Step Coloring Chart Color Plate
Inside Back Cover Mermaid, Fairies, Badge, Brooch and Cornucopia Basket Color Plate
Back Cover Daphne Color Plate

Punches Featured in Floral Punch Craft Book V
(The Punch Bunch)

Flower Star Sun
Birch Leaf Daisy Egg Flower Foot Heart Impatiens
Maple Leaf Oak Leaf Sun
Birch Leaf Daisy Flower Heart 4 Hearts Maple Leaf Oak Leaf
ash Leaf Birch Leaf Daisy Flower Heart
Hoki's Fern Horseshoe House Maple Leaf Oak Leaf
Flower #1
Corner Decoration


Super Giant

Easter Basket Leone's Tree Lilium's Feathers
Lilacs & Daphne (Theme) Iris & Violet (Theme) Oval
Pueblo Vase Watering Can Wedgewood Vase


#101 Filmstrip Frame Flower

Decoration #101

Decoration #106

Book V Image Samples (click to enlarge)


Cherry Plum


"Senecia, cineraria"

Below is a sample of part of a design in Book Five.  as you can see, the book guides you, step by step, through the entire construction process.  In addition to identifying the necessary punches, the book guides you through shape making, putting the flowers together right through to the completed project.

Paper:  White paper for the Cinerarias; Black velour paper for the centers;
Green for the leaves.


Painting:  Use water soluble pencils/crayons


(1) Punch two Daisy flowers to create one Cineraria.


(2) Paint the ends of the petals in a suitable Cineraria color.

(3) When dry, cut the petals into eight separate petals as shown in the above diagram.


(4) Cut a strip, 4.5mm/ 3/16" wide by the full length of an a4 sheet of paper.


(5) Cut a green stem, (double thickness, glued together) 6cm/ 2 3/4" in length and in width 2mm/ 1/8'. adhere it near the right hand end, diagram 3.

(6) Roll Step 4. with the closed tweezers into a tight coil. adhere the end to secure it.

(7) Gently remove the tweezers and insert one prong only inside the center of the coil, the other on the outside.


(8) Cut a strip of white or green paper to the exact length and width, shown in diagram 4.


.../continued on page 42 of Book Five.




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