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This page is reserved for examples of great projects you can do with your materials. 

I will be having monthly crafting contests with the winner receiving more crafting items!! YIPPEE! 





Table of Contents, Book VI

Front Cover Cymbidium Orchid
Inside Front Cover Orchids, Cymbidium variety and Moth Orchid
4-7 Character Charts
8 Punch Sizes and Information
9-10 Equipment
11 Flowers, their names and where to find them
12 Cymbidium Orchid Information
13 Cymbidium Orchid, front cover, Instructions
14 Cymbidium Orchid, inside front cover, Instructions
15 Moth Orchids, back cover, Instructions
16 Crucifix Orchid Instructions
17 Crucifix Orchid (color)
19 Open wide, come inside (color)
18 Memories (color)
20 Golden Greetings (color)
21 Golden Greetings including Variegated Ivy Instructions
22-23 Memories Instructions
24-25 Enchantment Instructions
26 Open Wide, Come Inside instructions
27-28 Wedding Invitation, Rose Buds and Hearts Instructions
29 Wedding Invitation, Rose Buds and Hearts (Color)
30 Friendship, Single Bumble Bees in Springtime, Spoon full or Sugar, Minute Flower, Ladies' Purses, Pink Statice, Hydrangea, Double Bumble Bees in springtime,
Crepe Myrtle, Frangipani, Sweet Pea (color)
31 Lazy Daisy, Purple Starlight, Geraldton Wax, Double Splendor, Flannet Flowers, Lilium's Hourglass, Cyclamens, Fern (color)
32 Primula malacoides and Spider Plant (color)
33-34 Primula malacoides and Spider Plant Instructions
35 Frangipani and Purple Starlight Instructions
36-67 Cyclamens Instructions
37 Bumble Bees in Springtime Instructions
38 Lilium's Hourglass Instructions
39 Minute Flowers and Ladies' Purses Instructions
40 Geraldton Wax Instructions
41 Double Splendor Instructions
42 Crepe Myrtle & Lazy Daisy Instructions
43 Sweet Pea Instructions
44 A Spoonful of Sugar Instructions
45 Hydrangea Instructions
45 Grouping Flower stems together and placement of leaves on a stem
46 Stems Instructions
47 Ash and Fern Instructions
48 Flannel Flower, Pink Statice and Friendship Instructions
Inside Back Cover Step by Step Coloring chart
Back Cover Moth Orchid and Enchantment

Punches Featured in Floral Punch Craft Book VI
(The Punch Bunch)

Flower Snowflake Sun
Ash Leaf Balloon Daisy Heart Fern Maple Leaf Sun
Ash Leaf Birch Leaf Bumblebee Circle Daisy Fern Flower
Maple Leaf
Ash Leaf Balloon Birch Leaf Bow Burst
Circle Flower Heart Hoki's Fern Maple Leaf
Scalloped Oval Silverware Sun


Decoration 5 Flower

Decoration 5 Heart   Pocket   Hearts    
Square Picture



Super Giant

Birch Leaf Cymbidium Orchid (Theme) Lilium Feathers
Lilacs & Daphne (Theme) Iris & Violet (Theme) Ming Vase
Moth Orchid (Theme) Watering Can



Decoration #106

Book VI Image Samples (click to enlarge)

Moth Orchid

Crucifix Orchid

Cymbidium Orchid

"Golden Greetings"

Below is a sample of part of a design in Book Six.  As you can see, the book guides you, step by step, through the entire construction process.  In addition to identifying the necessary punches, the book guides you through shape making, putting the flowers together right through to the completed project.

Paper: Cream for the flowers, stamens and insert. Green for the leaves

Note: Instructions for the Ivy are below.

Golden Frame: Hand made using a frame mould and craft molding clay. Spray/paint gold when set/hard. Optional: purchase a suitable frame.


(1) Punch 1 Lilium Feathers shape per flower and cut in half, diagram 1.

(2) Paint red, the section of the petals showing in diagram 2.

(3) Allow to dry

.../continued on page 21 of Book Six.




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