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You will find 100's of products covering almost any crafting you can imagine. 

As a mother, and former Boy Scout leader, I learned what works with kids!  Crafting is fun and helps to build self-esteem.  It also teaches reading, math, science and following directions, all while having fun!  And then you will have something to treasure when you're done!   Be sure to craft with your children.....make it a family affair!

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Hammonds Mini Scor-it (Scorit) Professional Scoring Discounts Apply !
Purchase $25-50 Receive 10% Discount on Total
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Hammonds Mini Scor-it (Scorit) Professional Scoring
NEW MINI Scor-itTM is used by scrapbookers, stampers, cardmakers, print shops, and stationery stores to create professional, machine-quality scores by hand. It has been used for projects such as cards & invitations, scrapbooking, envelopes, boxes & bags, stamping & collage art, accordion cards & books, gift tags & tag art, party decor, presentation folders, menus, lines & accents and more!

Scor-it Mini

  • Ideal for small spaces and projects
  • Lightweight and portable travel size
  • Features: 9" centering ruler and 6" scoring rule
  • Perfect fit for popular greeting card sizes
  • Ideal for place cards, gift cards, tags, and invitations etc
  • For decorative embossed and de-bossed lines

Mini Scor-it





Score-itTM produces a true hinge score, by hand, comparable to a score produced on a letterpress machine.
Mini Scor-it in Use
Photography by Colin R. Morton
Score-itTM Instructions For Use:
  • Insert the end of the tool ball chain through the hole on either side of your Scor-it™. Snap the end of the chain into the connector as you would a key chain. The board can be set up for either right or left-handed operation.
  • Place Scor-it on a flat surface with the ruler at the top.
  • Place paper stock face down on the rubber surface, flush against the ruler and stop guide, if you are using one.
  • Hold the tool as you would a pen or pencil. For better scoring results, rub a very small amount of Vaseline between your thumb and forefinger and then rub onto the groove end of the tool. This will enable the tool to glide over the surface of the paper stock more easily. Apply when the tool is new and then periodically as needed.
  • Engage the groove of the tool with the metal scoring rule on the Scor-it Board, in the cutout section of the measuring ruler.
  • Holding the paper flat, slowly draw the tool down over the paper using even pressure. Hold the paper in place, on the board, with your other hand.
  • When scoring, place your work face down on the board, and be sure to fold the ridge of the score to the inside of the fold. When embossing, place your work face up on the board.
  • To clean your Scor-it: wipe rubber surface with a clean moist sponge, using water only
  • Scor-it will score with or against the paper grain and handle up to 24pt board stock. It will also score thin metal, plastics, synthetic and hand- made papers, metallic coated paper and much more!

Note: the scoring tool cannot be used without the scoring board and vice versa

Mini Scor-it Board - Take it with you! Mini Scor-it is easy to take with you

The Mini is easy to take along and pack in your tote

From Tim Hammonds, the Scor-itTM  creator!

HAMMONDSgroup, Inc. was formed in 1990, by Tim Hammonds, with the specific purpose of creating an efficient tool to produce machine-quality scores, in paper stock, by hand.

Having been in printing sales for over ten years, at that time, I felt my clients deserved to receive paper stock samples that showed them exactly how their piece would score and fold. I developed Scor-itTM to fill this need and it exceeded my expectations.

After Scor-itTM was created, it became apparent that not only paper companies could benefit from its efficiency, small printing companies could save money by scoring small print runs in-house, large printers could produce stock dummies and customer samples, designers could create client proposal, design and packaging pieces in-house, and creators of greeting card would now have a great tool to score their creations.

Scor-itTM is now being used around the world by designers, advertising agencies, paper companies, large and small printers, greeting card creators, photographers and art institutes.

Q - What is the difference between the Scor-It Board and other scoring tools?

A - This is one of our favorite questions. The Scor-it Board is the ONLY scoring tool on the market that allows consumers to make professional-quality hinge score lines, just like printers provide when they do machine scoring. Hinge score lines crease, but do not break or damage the fibers in paper, card stock and chipboard up to 24 pt. - whether you score with or against the grain! The difference is easy to see.

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Price: $29.99

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